Masthead and layout design for Tasmanian quarterly magazine, Lume.


Lume Magazine


Studio: Freelance, 2018

Design: Paige Fountain

Photography: Various artists, provided by Lume
Copy: Various authors, provided by Foundry Press



Masthead Design, Layout Design


Lume is a quarterly street magazine showcasing the hidden side of Tasmania. Focusing on four main areas: design, ideas, culture and travel, Lume uses eye catching photography to delve into the unseen parts of the island.

The key features of the redesign were the signature semi-circle, which uses colour contrast to draw the eye to cover. For continuity, this feature is also used to show the page numbers, and the colour can be changed for each issue to allow for different imagery.

The masthead was changed to be simple and bold, in line with the content of the magazine, while still maintaining playful elements within the layout, such as the slices of photos used on the content page.

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