User interface and layout design for a mobile only OH&S solution


Occupational Health and Safety



Studio: Freelance, 2019

Design: Jake Crane, Paige Fountain

Original vector image: Freepik



Layout, User Interface Design, Copywriting


Our brief was to develop, launch and test the viability of a mobile-only in-house training solution. Addressing legislated OH&S training requirements, the app is aimed at volunteers and employees of not-for-profit organisations. Other considerations were the future scalability of the product, as well as scope to explore opportunities for commercialisation.


As OH&S training requires users to take in a large amounts of information, we decided on an education solution that was jointly text and image based in order to help users absorb information more easily.

The interface was designed to be as simple as possible so it could be used by people at all levels of technological capability.

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